Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0.1108.0000

A little help from Microsoft for your math calculations


  • Enter data with the mouse, the keyboard or a stylus
  • Includes an equation and triangle solver
  • Includes a unit converter
  • List of formulas and equations


  • Only works with its own format

Very good

Microsoft Mathematics could be defined as the Windows calculator on steroids. This powerful app lets you perform all sorts of calculations, from adding up two numbers to plotting a complex 3D equation.

The interface in Microsoft Mathematics is clean and easy to use. Plus it can be easily customized with color schemes and calculator skins. You have a calculator pad on the left side to enter the numbers, and you can also use your keyboard or a stylus to enter any mathematical expression in a blank worksheet. Results are immediately calculated by Microsoft Mathematics and displayed on the bottom area of the window.

Microsoft Mathematics also includes an equation solver, triangle solver and unit converter, as well as a handy list of formulas and equations in diverse science fields: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry and more. On the downside, the program only works with its own proprietary format – which makes it quite limited.

With Microsoft Mathematics algebra, trigonometry and physics become a bit more enjoyable.

Microsoft Mathematics


Microsoft Mathematics 4.0.1108.0000

User reviews about Microsoft Mathematics

  • by Pieter Bezuidenhout

    Looks impressive, lacks basics..
    Looks very nice. However, it lacks some basic equation solving heuristics. Solv...   More

  • by Anonymous

    very good, advanced, math app.
    Comprehensive high-school and college mathematical application. Covers equations,...   More